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Without a doubt the most vegan friendly city in Mexico, and perhaps the vegan capital of Spanish-speaking North America, Mexico City is a vegan heaven. It's been on my radar as cities to visit for the vegan food for a while and indeed there are so many vegan restaurants that in a month there I barely got to try any of the non-vegan ones with vegan options, of which there are many also.

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Mexico City Vegan Restaurants

This is the key to rough opening times and prices for the guide, which will appear below the name of each place mentioned.

Which meals are catered for / opening times

  • breakfast: typically 08:00-13:00
  • lunch: typically 13:00-16:00
  • dinner: typically 18:00-22:00

A rough price range (based on prices of mains)

  • super cheap: up to M$30 (€1.40)
  • cheap: M$30-M$80 (€1.40-€3.80)
  • moderate: M$80-M$120 (€3.80-€5.70)
  • expensive: M$120+ (€5.70+)

Here is our vegan Mexico City guide with the highlights from our recent trip, with places organised by neighbourhood.


Vegan Inc

vegan / lunch & dinner / expensive

This upscale place inside a mall focuses on healthy eating and making vegan versions of Mexican classics, but does not limit itself to that style of cuisine only. There is an extensive menu with some interesting starters such as artichoke oysters as well as a selection of soups and salads. Mains include a range of raw and cooked food such as lasagne, ceviche, several burgers and risotto.

The meals are not huge but certainly do make for satisfying comfort food while still being a relatively healthy option and despite the location not being super romantic or special, the interior is sleek and well designed. It's quite close to the free Soumaya Museum, so combining a visit here with that makes sense, because otherwise there's not much reason to come to the mall!


Peace of Cake

vegan / breakfast, lunch & dinner / moderate

This super cute all vegan bakery serves a dangerously wide variety of donuts, cupcakes and cakes with all the flavour combinations you never thought you couldn't live without: the tiramisu cupcakes in particular are amazing!

They mostly offer takeaway and have sturdy paper boxes that will protect your bounty even among the crowded Mexico City metro, but there are also three tables at the back where you can sit and enjoy your sweet treat. They also offer coffee and a nice range of teas with various non-dairy milks.




vegan / lunch & dinner / cheap

This is a small restaurant with an extremely chilled out atmosphere and hip design, but it's the food that really steals the show. The carrot tinga tostada topped with avocado and black sesame seeds was the best I ate in the city and the simple but flavourful tacos were on point.

The menu is almost entirely Mexican in theme, with a few additions such as a falafel burger and a pre-hispanic komucha-like fermented drink. What I loved the most, though, were the tostadas: the sautéed chunky mushrooms with fresh dill were heavenly!


Los Loosers

vegan / breakfast & lunch / expensive

Probably the most hipster vegan restaurant in all of Mexico City, this bike-themed place has a daily changing menu of just five or six dishes depending on the whims of the chef. Portions are generous and there is a general Mexican-Asian fusion theme, though not everything follows that.

Be careful to ask for less chilli if you are sensitive to spicy food as there were some things I didn't expect to be spicy that were. Otherwise, it's a very friendly place with a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and clearly run by people who are invested in what they do. Try the cakes too: they're enormous!


Roma Norte

Por Siempre Vegana Taquería

vegan / lunch & dinner / super cheap

Run by super friendly and passionate people, this always busy taco stand does some mean vegan tacos, gringas and sandwiches. With veganised versions of various traditional Mexican fillings made from soy or seitan as well as mushrooms and optional melty almond cheese, the permutations are many!

There are various (spicy) sauces to help yourself to as well as trays of beans, nopal (cactus) and plain boiled potatoes to accompany your dish. There's no seating, so stand nearby and eat and take your plate back when you're finished or ask for it to be wrapped up for take away.

I loved this place for the friendly service, the speed, low prices and the fact that it stays open late, and it was probably the place I visited the most often during my month in Mexico City. They also have some decent cakes to round off your meal, or just to grab as a snack when passing by.


  • Address: Manzanillo (corner with Chiapas), Roma Norte, 06760 Ciudad de México
  • Foursquare; Facebook

Pan D'Monium

vegan / lunch & dinner / cheap

A colourful street food stand with a few seats to perch on, this place is run entirely by passionate vegan women and serves hotdogs, burgers and occasionally pizza and tamales.

I wasn't such a fan of the fries (they're not actually fried, but cooked on the grill) and the buns for the hotdogs were a bit squishier than I'd like, but otherwise the fillings were good. The pizza rolls were especially nice and the few cakes and sweets they have are decent.



vegan / lunch & dinner / super cheap

This very popular food stand serves generous tacos, gringas and sandwiches at low prices. If you come at lunch time, be prepared to wait.

The fillings were some of the most meat-like vegan options I tried in Mexico City, though an omnivore friend told me he would've have been fooled, which I actually found reassuring!

They have some cakes, cookies and donuts too, which look pretty but I found a bit too sweet. There's no seating.


  • Address: Puebla (corner with Avenida Insurgentes Sur), Roma Norte, 06700 Ciudad de México
  • Foursquare; Facebook

Tako Vegano

vegan / lunch / super cheap

This new (as of February 2017) vegan taco stand serves some simple but tasty tacos, tostadas and other Mexican street food with a few places to sit right by it. Instead of using a lot of soy-based products, they reproduce typical Mexican meat dishes using vegetables which is a nice change.

They have a different cake or dessert each day, including some interesting concoctions such as the chocolate avocado muffin we tried.


  • Address: Zacatecas (corner with Avenida Insurgentes Sur), Roma Norte, 06700 Ciudad de México
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La Pitahaya

vegan / breakfast, lunch & dinner / moderate

Formerly a food stand, this restaurant serves modern Mexican food has a relatively small menu but includes some breakfast items such as açai bowls and more traditional Mexican breakfast dishes, as well as tacos. They also do themed brunches with cuisine from different parts of Mexico, and this definitely requires reservation!

I definitely give them top points for presentation, as the food looks gorgeous, and it tastes pretty good too. Considering the sizes of the portions, it's a little pricey, but it's clearly made with love.


Juárez and Santa María la Ribera

Vegamo MX

vegan / breakfast, lunch & dinner / moderate

This small and colourful but super cute place between car tire shops is an oasis in a part of the city that is otherwise pretty much a desert for vegans. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming and the menu is extensive with vegan versions of popular Mexican breakfast dishes as well as soups, salads, burgers, pizza, waffles and burritos.

Meals are served on slates, just a small detail part of an overall delightfully hipster design. The burger we had was succulent and flavourful with oddly chewy fries, which were not what I expected, but definitely interesting. The desserts all looked and sounded amazing so choosing was difficult, though I found them a little too sweet. Zab loved them, though!


Narciso Comedor Vegano

vegan / breakfast, lunch & dinner / cheap

This place started a few years ago by serving meat, then changed to being vegetarian and is now fully vegan. It's in an area with a lot of office workers so gets busy with suits at lunchtime, but arrive around 1pm before the rush and you should easily get a table.

The changing set menu featuring a soup, main and drink is very good value and the enchiladas with corn and huitlacoche (corn smut) that was featured the day we went was simple but tasty and just slightly spicy.


  • Address: Plaza Melchor Ocampo 30, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México
  • Foursquare; Facebook

Del Valle


vegan / breakfast & lunch / cheap

Somewhat far from everything else in the city, but on the way to the Frida Kahlo Museum, this welcoming lunch place is a little hidden at the back of a health food shop but worth seeking out, partly just for the friendly and passionate people running it. The generous set lunch menu consists of a salad, soup, main, small dessert and drink.

Their popular beetroot burger and spicy fries are excellent, giving a very Mexican twist to something that is otherwise commonplace in the vegan scene in Mexico City. They also have some cakes made by local vegan bakeries that I didn't have space to try, but look extremely good.


  • Address: Nicolás San Juan 1538 A, Del Valle, 03100 Ciudad de México
  • Foursquare; Facebook

Many thanks to Sarah, Franziska, Gaby, Tania, Omar, Rolando for welcoming us and for their suggestions to make this guide complete.

Places we weren't keen on

Usually, I don't mention places I didn't like so much in these vegan guides and simply focus on the places I do recommend, but since the vegan scene in Mexico City is so extensive, I thought it worthwhile to mention a few places I tried that I would not rush to visit again so you can focus on just visiting the best options. in Condesa actually has some pretty nice food (standard burgers, pizzas, salads, wraps and cakes etc.) and super friendly staff, but I didn't like the fact that they have a TV playing sports on all the time and that it's right next to a busy main road with the doors wide open. Would probably be fine to take away.

Forever Vegano is in a great location in Roma Norte and has a beautiful design but the food was not really what I expected for the relatively high prices and the atmosphere was not very relaxing with staff rushing around us as we ate. If you really want some vegan Asian-style food, though, I guess it's a decent option.

Pan Comido, a vegetarian lunch place with multiple vegan options, also in Roma Norte, has a nice aesthetic but the food is disappointing: the burgers are actually more like sandwiches and the one I had was cold and chewy. Also, somewhat overpriced.

Vegan pa' ca' on the border between Roma Norte and Condesa actually has quite good tacos, similar to Por Siempre, but with seating. The thing I didn't like about it was actually the service: staff seemed either totally disinterested or overwhelmed and disorganised, which didn't make for a relaxing environment to eat.

A darle que es taco vegano in Coyoacán not far from the Frida Kahlo Museum serves vegan tacos and burritos that were a little bland but otherwise OK. The setting is a bit depressing, but the staff are very friendly and clearly passionate about veganism, but I wouldn't go out of my way to visit here again.

Places we didn't get to

There were several other places we didn't have time to visit or had trouble finding, so I can't comment on their quality. These included Aura Vegana, ELK Bistro, Vegani and Yug Vegetariano.

Recommended Hotels in Mexico City

While not specifically vegan-friendly, this shortlist of our favorite hotels has been hand-selected to provide with a variety hotel options in the city to consider if you’re visiting Mexico City.

Hotel Geneve – this 5-star hotel opened in 1907 and is one of the most legendary hotels in Mexico having been visited by Mexican Presidents and diplomats over the years. The 226 rooms are all decorated with period furniture creating a classic European style and offer modern services and amenities. Guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant, Veranda Bistro, business center, spa, phone bar (lounge) and gym and fitness center.

Room Mate Valentina – mid-range hotel offering hip and trendy accommodations located in the Zona Rosa area of the city. The 62 colorful pop-art rooms and suites with spacious bathrooms are complete with a mini bar and flat-screen TV. Guests can enjoy the small fitness center, breakfast buffet and free Wi-Fi throughout.

Condesa DF – Contemporary hotel offering 4-star accommodations in the stylish Condesa neighborhood. Housed in a 1928 building, the 40 thoughtfully-designed guest rooms and suites are calm and tranquil, some of which open onto wooden terraces. Enjoy Mexican and French cuisine at El Patio or incredible views and a cocktail at the rooftop lounge, La Terraza.

El Patio 77 – this boutique hotel is a stylish bed and breakfast and makes for a convenient base to discover Mexico City. It offers free Wi-Fi, massage services and bicycle rental. Rooms are tranquil, well-designed and comfortable providing all the essentials including a desk. Breakfast is available each morning and there are also numerous cafés and eateries close by.


There are many sites for apartment rentals including Airbnb and Vrbo. Prices are generally comparable to budget hotels, especially if you’re willing to get a room in a shared apartment.

Search Apartments on Vrbo

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