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Scandinavia is not known for being a vegan-friendly region to travel to. For that reason, Copenhagen took me by surprise. The concept of veganism is well understood in the city and I saw options marked as vegan in multiple locations, not only in vegan eateries. It also helps that English is of course very widely spoken, so being able to communicate your needs and desires is easily done even in not specifically vegan-friendly places. Cope

Much of the vegan scene in Copenhagen seems to lean towards the health aspect of veganism, focusing on things like fresh juices, raw vegan cakes and using organic ingredients, though there is still also a bit of the fake meat style food to be found here and there. Being located in Scandanavia, Copenhagen is rather expensive but if you do your research you can find some moderate-price restaurants as well as cheap activities and even plenty of free things to do.

Copenhagen Vegan Restaurants

This is the key used in this guide, which appears directly under the name of each establishment mentioned:

Which meals are catered for

  • breakfast: typically 10:00-13:00
  • lunch: typically 11:00-15:00
  • dinner: typically 18:00-22:00

The type of food served

  • serves meat / vegetarian / vegan / raw vegan

A rough price range (based on prices of mains)

  • cheap up: to 50kr (up to €6.70)
  • moderate: 50-100kr (€6.70-€13.40)
  • expensive: 100kr+ (€13.40+)

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breakfast, lunch & dinner / raw vegan / expensive

Everything about this place is just fantastic. The service is friendly, attentive and helpful without being overbearing, the ambience is bustling but not hectic and most importantly the food is phenomenal!


We tried the tasting menu to sample a little of everything, including a fantastically fresh gazpacho, avocado and grated carrot maki, raw seed bread open faced sandwiches with various toppings (mung bean burgers, avocado, mushroom pâté and cashew parsley spread) and various salads.


And the dessert platter was exquisite with three differently flavoured raw cakes (chocolate, lemon and raspberry) and a light cashew mousse with raw chocolate pieces and fresh strawberries.


I would highly recommend this place for a special night out to experience raw vegan food done right. Note that while everything is vegan, not absolutely everything on the menu is raw: they offer breakfasts which include cooked bread, and a couple of soups which contain cooked rice noodles.



vegetarian / cheap

This unassuming little bakery does not advertise itself as vegan friendly, but about a third of the cakes they offer are vegan. Just ask what is, and it’ll be pointed out to you. They also have many gluten free options.

It’s take away only, so come here to pick up some sweet treats for on the go or (as we did) before you leave Copenhagen for your journey ahead.



  • Address: Frederiksborggade 29, 1360 Copenhagen
  • Foursquare


breakfast, lunch & dinner / serves meat / moderate

Possibly the most hipster eatery in Copenhagen, Kalaset (which means ‘party’ in Swedish) serves everything but has some excellent, and clearly marked, vegan options including brunches, mains and snacks.


Portions are extremely generous, and I even questioned my ability to finish the towering vegan chickpea burger and roast potatoes I had. Spoiler: I did.


They have a great selection of freshly made juices, smoothies and coffees and the staff are extremely friendly and chatty. This would be an amazing brunch spot for a lazy Sunday morning.



vegan / cheap

This very new ice cream place serves up coconut based ice cream in various flavours that they make on site. Rather than being served in scoops from large tubs, individual popsicles are prepared and sold, eaten from wooden sticks (which I loved, because I hate ice cream cones). The ice cream itself is smooth and creamy and not too sweet. Delicious!



Recommended Hotels in Copenhagen

If you're looking for a place to stay in Copenhagen, we can highly recommend the Andersen Hotel. With an excellent, central location, quiet, comfortable and unique rooms, a vegan-friendly breakfast and sassy staff, it's a great option for a short break in the Danish capital.


There are many sites for apartment rentals including Airbnb and Vrbo. Prices are generally comparable to budget hotels, especially if you’re willing to get a room in a shared apartment.

Search Apartments on Vrbo

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  1. Such a great post! What wonderful news that Copenhagen has SO many vegan options. We can’t wait to get there now! 🙂

    1. Sam Wood says:

      It was a pleasant surprise for us, certainly!

  2. It’s not even dinnertime and I’m already salivating over that chickpea burger with the roast potatoes (I <3 chickpea burgers, I make them often) and the vegan ice cream (I'm also not a fan of cones).

    1. Sam Wood says:

      Fantastic! Yea, I usually get a cone when presented with the choice of cone or cup, as Zab will happily eat my cone, or if not, it is at least more quickly biodegradable than a plastic cup.

  3. Awesome guide! Hopefully I get to visit Copenhagen this Winter, seems to be an amazing city!

  4. This is a great guide – thanks guys! I’m heading to Copenhagen next month so will be sure to check some of these out. It’s useful to know there are places that have clearly marked vegan options and serve meat since my partner I’m travelling with isn’t veggie.

    1. Sam Wood says:

      Yes, we really appreciate that too! So useful! Glad you liked it. Let us know if you find anywhere else worth visiting!

  5. Elisa Zen says:

    WOW Everything looks delicious!

    1. Sam Wood says:

      Thanks, Elisa. Yes, it was quite the pleasant surprise!

  6. Susanne Hindberg says:

    Make sure to stop by the new 100% vegan café VideoVideo! Super cozy place 🙂

    Address:Dronningensgade 42 – Christianshavn

    1. Sam Wood says:

      Thanks for the recommendation, Susanne! I will definitely check it out when I’m next in Copenhagen.

  7. Lara says:

    Just FYI – the Astrid och Aporna fries are made from potatoes without adding oil in a specialized cooker, i.e. they are way healthier than normal fries.

    1. Sam Wood says:

      Interesting. That’s good to know, but personally I like my fries a bit oily!

  8. Jane Tait says:

    Wild Kiwi Pies in Valby does a great vegan savoury pie with chili beans.

  9. Silke Wagner says:

    There are not many places in Copenhagen (at least yet) where you can eat a finer, gourmet-like vegan 3 course-menu, other than URTEN. But that is also fine, as you definitely get value for your money here. URTEN, which is located in the very heart of Copenhagen in the corner of the cozy small streets of Studiestr?de and 

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