About Best Vegan Tours

    Best Vegan Tours was created by David and Auston from Two Bad Tourists, bloggers & experts tourism & travel for more than 8 years. After traveling to 50 countries, we built this new platform to feature awesome vegan food experiences around the world. Whether you’re looking for vegan food tours, cooking classes, foodie experiences or vegan restaurant recommendations, Best Vegan Tours lets you browse and search products and experiences from more than 50 different providers. We started our blog Two Bad Tourists in 2012 and since then we’ve traveled the world in search of the coolest destinations and vegan foodie experiences. While Two Bad Tourists is still an active travel blog focused on helping guide and inspire you to see the world, Best Vegan Tours takes the next step and lets you book that awesome trip you’ve been dreaming of, offering you both pre-built packages or book-it-yourself experiences. We work with more than 50 providers to bring you the best vegan experiences around the world in more than 30 countries.